Bernard Palmer

by Bernard Palmer
Marshall Calverley dreamed of going to Northern Canada. An opening with the Hudson Bay
Company was the doorway to fulfillment of that dream. What began as a human hope concluded as a divine mission. A business opportunity became a heavenly privilege. Equipped with a dilapidated aircraft and a leaky lobster boat, Marshall and his wife lost themselves in the midst of a forsaken Indian tribe. Delight, sorrow, romance, sheer loneliness, and bold adventure—all are part of this real life tale.
Bernard Palmer is probably America’s best known author of Christian youth books. He has written everal series—Danny Orlis. Felicia Cartright. Brigade Boys, Pioneer Girls, and others. In addition he has authored several
excellent adult books as well. Mr. Palmer currently lives in Holdrege. Nebraska. and spends his summers in Canada. He is a member of the Board of Publications of the Evangelical Free Church of America and of the Back to the Bible Broadcast advisory council.

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