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Prison to Praise

  If you didn’t believe in miracles before, you will after watching Prison to Praise!

Based on the best-selling book by the same title, Prison to Praise is the gripping story of a restless young soldier and ‘the chaplain who refuses to give up on him. Private Jim
Wilkins is a troubled young man whose problems have just gone from bad to worse. After collapsing during training, Jim learns that he has a serious heart problem requiring surgery. Hostile and bitter about his weakened condition, he decides to go AWOL. Soon captured by military police and court-martialed, his situation seems completely hopeless—that is until a base chaplain enters the situation purely by coincidence. Or It was it by Providence? Chaplain Merlin Carothers seems to understand Jim in away no one else ever has. Through a series of flashbacks, Chaplain Carothers shares with Jim an uncanny, and ultimately, life-changing

The Animated Kids Bible

 God created the world in six days, the heavens and the earth and every living thing, including Adam, who lives in the Garden of Eden. When God creates Eve from Adam’s rib as a companion for Adam, he warns Adam and Eve about the Tree of Knowledge, and to never to eat its fruit. A wicked serpent tricks Eve into eating a fruit from the tree and when she gives it to Adam to eat as well God becomes angry and banishes them from the Garden of Eden and punishes the Serpent. In the new mortal world, Eve gives birth to Cain and Abel, who become great friends until they are adults. When Cain suddenly kills Abel out of jealousy, he is cursed to become a restless
wanderer of the Earth.