Dorothy Minchin-Comm & Virgina-Gene Ritten House

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If you love music—especially music of the classical variety, and if you love kids—especially kids of the teenage variety, you’re in for a surprising yet delightful treat. Encore! is the amazing, often comical, but nevertheless inspiring story of the New England Youth Ensemble and their memorable adventures playing the classics before prestigious audiences the world over. Join Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse and her talented, young protg4s as they play before the famous Mademoiselle Nadia Bou1anger—acclaimed as the world’s greatest living musician —with t broken A-string on the lead viola! Arrive with the orchestra only minutes before a big concert on a dilapidated tour bus that had its radiator repaired en route with chewing gum and bars of soap. See President Gerald Ford surrounded by a swarm of excited teenagers after a command performance and hear him tell the Ensemble: “You made me proud to be an American.” From Carnegie Hall to the concert halls of the Soviet Union, the young people have left audiences standing in the aisles bagging for more. And by the time you finish reading their story, you’ll be applauding too—not just for the music the play, but for the lives they live.

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