Dr. Dick Hillis

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“I unlocked the fan room door and Don threw the rotten egg into the whirling ventilator fan
Sound like something you once did? A piece of your own past? Then you won’t have trouble feeling at home with two of the fellows this book talks about. They were people very much like you and me.
“Bud was torn between the ways of his father and his mother. He saw his father drunk more than sober
. . . . then tragedy struck. Mother died.” Stark circumstances. Repeated in a
thousand homes. Maybe a snapshot of your own personal hell. However.
. . the “Bud” in the true story found a way out.
“Three years! How can you ask a young couple in love to wait three years?” Good question. Tough question. Maybe a predicament like you will soon
be in. The young man in this little volume faced it—and got a completely satisfying answer.
“For two years I had a tremendous struggle in my heart. I wanted to play—basketball! I spent a high-speed year on a team called the Celtics.” Sounds like he really reached the top, doesn’t it? Well, the fact is, he was only in the foothills. There was much more ahead!
And there is much more ahead for you too. You will find yourself somewhere between these
covers. Sometimes it will be like staring in a
mirror. But we think you will discover something else. You will find out who you can be as well as who you are.

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