Mary Andrews

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When John Nevins Andrews sailed to Switzerland as the first official Seventh-day Adventist missionary, he did not go alone. His son and daughter went with him. They too were missionaries. What kind of life did they live as they helped their father begin the Adventist Church in a new continent?
Mary Francis was only 13 years old when she arrived in Switzerland. She had left behind all her friends to journey to a country where there were only a handful of fellow believers and everyone spoke a different language. Since her mother was dead, she had to take over the responsibility of managing a home for John Andrews and her brother Charles. Because the family had no regular salary, she had to make do despite limitations that would have taxed the ability of even an adult. What hopes filled her heart, and what struggles did she face? What kind of person was she?
Carolyn Byers, the author of Lucy Miller and Good Night Too Soon, brings to life the story of an unsung young pioneer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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