R Curtis Barger

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Thousands of children around the world—and grown-ups when they were children—have listened enthralled to Eric B. Hare, “the man with the bushy eyebrows,” as he told stories of Clever Queen, Me-Me, and the Haunted Pagoda. Many more have listened to the stories on record or tape. And then there are those thousands of church leaders who have sat at Elder Hare’s feet as he taught them how to tell stories, with the view in mind, of course, of winning the hearts of still more boys and girls for Jesus.
Who was Eric B. Hare? How did he get his start? From where did he get his talent for child evangelism? Whatever happened to him?
Fortunately his life story has been recorded by one who knew him well—followed him, in fact, in his General Conference position. R. Curtis Barger, now retired, spent many years in Sabbath school work. From his association with Elder Hare, from Hare’s immediate family, from Hare’s published works, and from copious notes, documents, and memorabilia, Barger has distilled for us the essence of Hare’s life and personality.
Of his own work, Barger feels his greatest challenge and sense of accomplishment was in the developing of lessons and learning aids for juniors and earliteen youth—a fitting follow-up to the work of Eric B. Hare.

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