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The book,  was written to answer specific questions asked by certain scholars and representatives of other Christian denominations as to what we believed on certain major doctrinal points.  Thus it does not cover the full spectrum of SDA thought, but only those areas in which other Christians wanted explanation of things they had heard about our beliefs.
Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions On Doctrine
After lengthy visits between these representatives and leading scholars at General Conference headquarters, the responses to these questions were published in this book and distributed widely to SDA church members.
Soon after Questions On Doctrine came out, however, a retired SDA educator who had not been consulted on the book opposed it publicly on the grounds of his understanding of some of the things said about certain aspects of the sanctuary and the nature of the human nature of Christ.  As a direct result of the controversy thus stirred up, the book was not reprinted and most persons  have had no opportunity to examine it for themselves but are acquainted with it only through quotations and criticisms. It is, however, still used and valued by many SDA scholars, educators, administrators, and pastors, as well as by those laymen fortunate enough to have a copy of their own. We  believe that it will be especially valuable to any who wonder about some of the differences (or perceived differences) between SDA thought and that of other conservative Christians.

The 27 basic beliefs shared by Seventh-day Adventists are here at your fingertips, ready to be explored, appraised, and substantiated. This single volume shows in details how each belief is grounded in the Bible and focused on Jesus Christ. The different beliefs, or doctrines, emphasize different facets of Christ's lovely Character. Each one reveals more of what He is like. If you worship in another church, anticipate some fresh perspectives in this book. Christians remain a minority in the world. We need to draw together and grow from each other's knowledge. This book is an Adventist contribution to that growth "in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter3:18). Adventist Church members can use this book to dig down to the roots of their faith- to rediscover the details of truth that excited them when they first found the joy of salvation. Seventh-day Adventist Believe.........stand as an authentic resource on Adventist doctrine because it is written by Adventists themselves. More than 230 men and women were involved in the production of this book. Many of them contributed insights gained from years of study, prayer and their personal walk with the Savior.

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