The Animated Kids Bible

 God created the world in six days, the heavens and the earth and every living thing, including Adam, who lives in the Garden of Eden. When God creates Eve from Adam’s rib as a companion for Adam, he warns Adam and Eve about the Tree of Knowledge, and to never to eat its fruit. A wicked serpent tricks Eve into eating a fruit from the tree and when she gives it to Adam to eat as well God becomes angry and banishes them from the Garden of Eden and punishes the Serpent. In the new mortal world, Eve gives birth to Cain and Abel, who become great friends until they are adults. When Cain suddenly kills Abel out of jealousy, he is cursed to become a restless
wanderer of the Earth.

Mankind has become corrupt, and God decides to wipe evil from the earth with a mighty flood. There is only one good family left to save. God tells Noah to build an ark and take two of every animal. When the flood ends God creates the first rainbow.

 Long after the flood, Noah's family spreads out into new nations. and they become arrogant and powerful They decide to challenge God by building a towering city that will reach to the heavens God teaches them a lesson, by causing everyone to speak an unknown language. Chaos erupts, and the Tower of Babel is abandoned. Centuries pass, and Abram is instructed by God to leave his father as he is destined to found a great nation. Abram travels to Egypt and is treated well by the Pharaoh at first because Abram tells the Pharaoh that his wife is his sister. But when Pharaoh learns that Abram has deceived him about his wife, he banishes them. 

   Time passes and God tells Abraham he will have a son even though Sarah is too old, God decides to destroy the wicked cities of Sodom & Gomorrah and tells Abraham to find at least ten righteous citizens and he will not destroy the cities. Abraham finds no good men and tells Lot and his family to flee the city and never look back Burning sulphur rains on the cities and Lot’s wife takes one look back to see the destruction of her home and she turns Into a pillar of salt!

Continues the story of Abraham’s descendants. Abraham’s son Isaac has twin boys who are destined to grow into rival nations. Follow their lives and adventures as first Jacob takes Esau's birthright and has to flee for his life, only to be tricked by his uncle. See Jacob wrestle with God on his way to his final meeting with Esau.

Dreams, what do they God helped Joseph know, and that started one of the greatest stories of the book of Genesis. Follow Joseph’s adventures, as first he is sold into slavery by his brothers, thrown in to Jail, and finally triumphs to become in charge of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh himself! Discover God’s plan for his chosen people in Joseph the Dream Reader!

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