Next Millennium Seminar

Author of Countdown to the Showdown Dr. Dwight K. Nelson has inspired tens of thousands in speaking engagements around the world. For the past fifteen years he has listened to thousands of students as senior pastor of the Andrews University campus church. Dwight hosts a weekly radio and television program, “New Perceptions,” and was the featured speaker for the US Television Christmas Eve special, “A New Noel.” Author of eight books, he and his wife Karen and their children, Kirk and Kristin, have their home in Berrien Springs, MI. As the next millennium dawns, great events in history are sure to take place. Beyond the question, “Is there a God?” loom many other questions: “What kind of God?”  “How can I connect?” “How much time is left?” In pursuit of the answers, come and share in a fresh contemporary exploration of Bible Prophecy and cyber-space research. Through the Apocalypse’s window to the future join in this quest for
a personal encounter with God and His forever friendship that gives meaning to every other relationship in your life.

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