Secrets in the Sand

Popular archaeologist, David Down, travels
to the Middle East to explore its sand-covered mysteries.
• The majestic Pyramid of Khufu, with more hidden rooms than a Whodunit novel.
• The ancient city of Petra, complete with wall-to-wall rock.
• The puzzling six-fingered, six-toed straw men of Jordan.
• The dog-and-puppie cemetery of Ashkelon.
• The Jewish temple at Jerusalem, with stones weighing up to 100 tons.
And much more!
Secrets in the Sand filmed on location in Egypt, Jordan and Israel, brings you some of the latest finds in archaeology today.
Each year, David Down participates in archaeological digs and leads study tours to the Middle East. He also presents the video series, “Digging up the Past”, and lectures throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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