Bruce Olson

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The Motilone Indians lived in a wild jungle area on the border between Venezuela and Columbia. No-one had ever been close enough to learn any of their language, or describe their physical culture. Their only contact with the outside world was with arrows.
Raw, lanky, nineteen-year-old Bruce Olson, turned down by his mission board, knew that God had called him to live with the Motilones. He was totally unprepared though for the years of danger, sickness, rejection and desperate loneliness which followed, until at last he won the confidence of the people, and learned how to bring them the message of Christ without destroying their culture. His faith and his determination to act on behalf of the Motilones against marauding outlaws and settlers make this one of the most remarkable missionary stories of the twentieth century.
a missionary story with a difference
hard hitting, utterly convincing in its sincerity.’ Elim Evangel
‘a book that will stab our spirits broad awake. . . not a dull page.’ Christian Herald
‘deserves to be read alongside the Acts of the Apostles.’ Floodtide
Bruce Olson has now lived with the Motilone Indians for more than 20 years, and has the backing of the
Columbian government and the United Nations.

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