Courtney Anderson

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“Courtney Anderson’s retelling of this great life (of Adoniram Judson) . . . is beautifully done. It tells the story straight—with feeling yet without effusion, with sympathy yet without defense. It can be read as pure story — and what a story! It can be read as travelog — and a fascinating one—or it can be read (though Mr. Anderson nowhere intrudes this point of view) as a religious tract—a story of the unbelievable triumph of the Christian Gospel
in a hostile land.”                                                           —Saturday Review
“His story, in all its heroism and drama, is told by Courtney Anderson in To the Golden Shore, certainly one of this year’s best religious biographies . . . . Mr. Anderson has drawn a brilliant portrait of Judson as husband and father as well as missionary.”                                                                                                     —New York Times
“This volume has sublime proportions. Judson is revealed as:
‘brilliant, forthright, irresistible, valiant—and contradictory.’ He was as Sensitive to the beauties and depths of early human love as he was to the love of Christ which always commanded him.”
                                                                                                         —The late Dr. Daniel A. Poling
“. . . A highly readable biography of a brilliant, valiant man who was the first American to establish a mission in the Orient.                                                                          —Louisville Courier-Journal
About the AUTHOR . .
COURTNEY ANDERSON has written and produced a number of documentary films. It was while doing research for a religious documentary that he became fascinated by the lie of Adoniram Judson. The book has been acclaimed as the best biography ever written of this man—one of the most prominent of America’s early missionaries .

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