Hugh Drake

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Have you killed any strangers lately?
Try it. It can be fun.
All you have to do is make a friend; because every time you make a friend, you kill a stranger! Each person whose story is in this book, has learned this exciting lesson. Many people, able and disabled, find it hard to make friends.
Pat Shattell challenges the claim that normal people (is there really such an animal?) are responsible for the non-acceptance of disabled folk in the full life of the community. Pat sees the disabled as equally at fault. She says, “It’s a bit like the generation gap. Both sides must be willing to walk some of the way across the bridge of communication.” That’s what IT’S ONLY A LEG! is all about. It is about real people who were willing to share their hidden scars as well as their joyous victories.
It is an extended hand inviting the warm friendly grasp of those who are learning to care about the disabled. Bev Clarke’s “Disabled Communications Network” offers the reader an easy way to respond. “Try giving” seems a good prescription for all of us, able or disabled; and anytime is the right time to kill a stranger.

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