Eileen E Lantry

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On a dark, deserted street in a crime-infested area of Lima, Peru, David Gates backed away from two armed assailants. His stalled station wagon was filled with more than $70,000 worth of computer equipment, and the thieves wanted it. Out of nowhere a stranger appeared who mysteriously knew every detail of David’s life-threatening situation and single handedly push-started the dead car uphill!
It wasn’t the first time an angel came to the aid of the young mission pilot. Nor would it be the last.
The adventures of David Gates—aviator, nurse, computer specialist, and missionary—prove that there’s no more exciting place on earth than in the will of God. Whether hijacked and imprisoned in a Mexican jail, touching down his airplane on remote jungle airstrips, escaping ambush and certain death in Peruvian alleyways, flying   critically ill malaria patients out of the Guyana jungle, or contending with venomous snakes, David and his wife, Becky, experience miracle after miracle in this modern-day story of mission service.
Eileen Lantry’s exciting work allows readers to participate in David’s high calling. An adrenaline-pumping, honest, and sometimes humorous book about a man passionate to follow his Lord wherever He leads,
Mission Pilot will take you to dangerous and heavenly places where God still needs willing servants with a thirst for adventure.
Eileen E. Lantry is a retired librarian and teacher who has written nearly twenty books and served overseas with her husband for sixteen years. Her previous titles include,
Dark Night, Brilliant Star, Jungle Adventurer, Mission to the Clouds and Dark Light.

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