Johanna-Ruth Dobschiner

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Selected to Live
Johanna-Ruth Dobschiner tells of a Jewish childhood -. ravaged by the Nazis, and of her own shocked witness to the total destruction of her family—even as she miraculously escaped the same fate. Barely a teenager, she was already an adept fugitive, one step ahead of her Nazi pursuers as she went underground, moving from one  sympathetic Dutch family to another until the end of the war. Here is the story of a girl who was picked out from thousands of condemned people and selected to live After reading this book, you too will realise that YOU a SELECTED TO LIVE!
Johanna-Ruth Dobschiner now fulfills the role of housewife Glasgow suburb. It was also in this city that she trained as a nurse in the Victoria Infirmary. where she gained her R.G.N. As wife, and mother of twin daughters, plus the large family of all those whose lives touch hers she counts it privilege to live and serve.

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