Kenneth S. Oster with Dorothy Minchin-Comm

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To Persia, With Love
Young, eager, adventurous, and willing to accept God’s commission, Frank and Florence Oster began their married life by setting off to Persia, the land of Queen Esther. Frank Oster and one of his classmates had been the first resident Adventist missionaries in that country. Following his marriage, Frank took his bride back to his field of labour. These young people went with the intent that this would be their place of labour until the Lord came. Whatever the Lord had for them to do, they determined to do His bidding. “Inshallah” (if God wills it) became their motto.
You’ll laugh and cry as you read the story about their introduction to the culture and customs of Persia; terror caused by Kurdish raids; the young couple’s mission endeavours; the birth of their first child and, not long after, the death of the little one. You’ll feel the joys and sorrows experienced in the home as three little boys were born to them. You’ll anticipate with them the furlough, when at long last they were told they could return home for a visit. You’ll wonder how they could feel so deeply about leaving Persia to go to Turkey, but that is all a part of the story—thirty-five years of mission service!
Was the burden too great?  The price too high?  A thousand times No, say those of the family who still remain. The story has not ended with the writing of this book. One of the sons, Kenneth Oster, and his wife, Dorothy Nelson Oster, have gone on to
achieve their own mission record of thirty-two years in the Middle East. Dr. Kenneth has used his lifetime acquaintance with the local languages and culture to cultivate new approaches to the Moslem world.
The results of the dedicated work and lives of this family will be fully known only in the kingdom to come. It is as God wills it!

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