Walter Scragg

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In the big tent at camp meeting a 12- year-old boy watches
a black
and white
movie. Pastor Reuben Hare is back from one of his trips to the South Sea Islands and has brought these moving pictures of his travels. Duk-duks with mud headdresses, plumed warriors from Papua, Fijians with deadly looking clubs, dance across the screen.
And then the stories begin. The deep, exciting voice of Andrew Stewart tells of the early days in the New Hebrides, of the latest encounters with former cannibals on Viti Levu. Into this world of miracle and mysterious deliverance, the boy, Waiter Scragg, projects hims elf, hears the whistle of the descending club, bounces toward the shore in an outrigger canoe, smelts the pigs and dirt of a pagan village. Finally, as a minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Walter had the opportunity to see it, smell it feel it all for himself. He remembers a feeling of impatience— perhaps none of the exotic, different world that the stories depicted would remain. But it was still there —still abounding in excitement; still filled with the conflicts bet ween evil spirits and divine power; still rich in stories of miraculous victory and deliverance.
Reef-riders of Rarotonga Walter Scragg, now secretary of the Communication Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, captures the wonder of what God has done and can do for those of simple faith.He loves the people of whom he writes. And you will love this saga of adventure in one of the most interesting and different parts of the world.

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