Who is Jesus


Did Jesus Christ really exist? Or is He just  a myth that has survived the ages? 
 There is no doubt among credible historians, scholars and experts, both atheist and Christian, that Jesus definitely existed. So the question quickly becomes not “Did Jesus exist?” but rather: “Who is Jesus?”

He has become the most influential man in history yet He s not a political or military leader. He has millions of followers all over the world today, but never travelled more than 150 kilometres from the small village He grew up in. The enigma is that this man, whose life seemed to be of little consequence, has somehow become the very centre of history

‘Who is Jesus?’ is a six-part series that examines this question. Presented by Bruce Marchiano, the actor who played the role of Jesus in the highly acclaimed ‘Matthew’ series, takes the viewer on location to unpack what Jesus has to say about:

  • Healing from sickness and death 
  • How we should treat each other
  • Worry-free living  
  • Fear of the future 
  • Gods kingdom

A handy Synopsis & Study guide is also included to help you with your study of God Word. 

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